Herc Shipwright
Douglas: "Oh dear. That won't go down well with Herc the berk"
Carolyn: "Do you mind not calling him that?"
Douglas: "I'm sorry. Hercules the berkules?"
— Douglas and Carolyn

Hercules "Herc" Shipwright is a recurring character who appears in multiple episode of the show and is in a relationship with Carolyn.

Character Edit

Hercules is a Captain in Air Caledonia, and previously worked with Douglas Richardson in Air England. They may be 'frenemies', since according to Douglas, Herc thinks that "he is the best thing to happen to the sky since rainbows". At 57 years old, Herc fears he may lose his job when Swiss Airways buys Air Caledonia.He is also ovinophobic.

Personal Life Edit

Hercules was named by his "eccentric" father after the aircraft rather than the hero. He has two brothers (Wellington and Harrier) and a sister, Sarah. He has been divorced four times, in comparison to Douglas's three.

Hercules is fond of opera, is a vegetarian and is afraid of sheep. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Hercules is played by actor Anthony Head.

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