"Welcome to MJN Air - putting the excitement back into air travel. Sometimes too much so."
"I don’t have an airline. I have one jet. You cannot put one jet in a line. If MJN is anything, it is an airdot."

MJN Air (My Jet Now) is the airline at the centre of Cabin Pressure which is where the characters of the series work. It is a small charter airline with only one 16 seater jet - G-ERTI.


MJN Air was formed by Carolyn eight years before the events of Cabin Pressure. After divorcing her husband, Carolyn recieved a huge sum of money and a Lockheed-McDonnell 312 airplane. 

According to Carolyn, MJN Air has always been a loss-making business, in which every trip has had the potential to bankrupt them. The only reason she keeps doing it is because being Owner and CEO of the company is better than just being "a little old lady".

MJN's regular clients include the wealthy old man Mr Birling and Russian yacht broker Mr Alyakhin

Staff Edit

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